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Published: May 21 Posted Under: skin primer

Skin Primers

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A Skin Primer keeps makeup fixed in place all day. It also smooth’s out fine lines and wrinkles creating the perfect base for makeup application. It is best applied after moisturiser has soaked in.

Primers can have added ingredients such as Vitamins A & Vitamin E, which will have extra benefits for the skin. Usually primers are suitable for all skin types but people with sensitive skin should always patch test before buying.

Published: May 13 Posted Under: mineral makeup, preservative free

What is Mineral Makeup

mineral makeup,preservative free makeup

What is Mineral Makeup?
Mineral makeup is made from earth minerals such as iron oxides, zinc oxide, silica and coloured oxides. They are ground and milled into small particles to the correct size to create the makeup.

Traditionally makeup uses preservatives, parabens, and fragrances. These are left out of mineral makeup.

Mineral makeup usually includes foundations, veils, colour correctors, blushers, bronzers and eye shadows.

Published: Apr 14 Posted Under:

7 Tips to hiding a double chin

Tools for hiding a double chin


If you find yourself trying to hide a double chin here are tips for using your bronzer to conceal.

1. Contour from the top of your ear towards the top of your mouth underneath your jaw bone. Approx. two thirds of the length between the two.

2. Use the excess on your brush to shade under your chin

3. Make sure your bronzer compliments the shade of your foundation.

4. Use powder bronzer which is easier to blend than cream or pressed.

5. Invest in a good contour brush which is angled.


Order a sample pack to test what shade suits your skin tone and get a voucher to redeem the cost of sample.