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Published: Jan 17 Posted Under: Start-up, business, brand, awareness, marketing, promotions, trade fairs, Gifted RDS, Dublin, entrepreneur, sales, Unique Selling Point, USP, Beauty, natural, mineral powder, makeup, Westport, Ronan McGreevy, Dr Conor Farrell, cleansing oil, horse show.

Growing a brand and creating awareness - ANNECO BEAUTY

Ronan McGreevy

Being part of a start-up is exciting. You get to take your product/service from scratch and launch it on an unsuspecting public! If you are lucky, the public will bite and this will translate as sales and then the journey of growth for your enterprise begins in earnest.

That at least is the dream for many entrepreneurs and courageous business people around the country who take the reins of a particular business. In the case of Anneco Beauty, we are blessed to be able to report that not only have we a unique selling point for marketing our business, but indeed we have a plethora of USPs – all combining to add to our attractiveness.

These include the fact that we are Irish; we are natural; we are home-produced; we are ethical, regulated and environment-friendly; and most of all, we offer a range of terrific and ever-expanding mineral powder makeup products so that customers old and new can develop loyalty to our brand while adding to their beauty repertoire.

As the New Year rolls on and we work to continue developing awareness around Anneco Beauty products, there is scarcely a moment to stop and think about the process of marketing involved. Instead we are flat out busy staying on top of orders, managing the production line, labelling the goodies and planning for our next big calendar events (to include some much-anticipated visits to Ireland's series of big day Horse Show outings).

Before we switch into future mode though, it is important to digest and process some of the exciting events we have participated in so far and what they have meant for our Westport-based business. For this reason we catch the thoughts of our MD, Ronan McGreevy, who along with our Head of Research and Development, Dr Conor Farrell, travelled to the RDS in Dublin for the week-long #GIFTED Christmas Fair during December.

Ronan recalled what a whirlwind tje week proved to be and what it meant to stand alongside your own business stand, promoting products you love and believe in to a receptive public on the look-out for the perfect gift!

“The whole experience was brilliant, even just from the point of view of touching base with people”, said Ronan. “The amount of people who travel to the RDS to attend these events, it's phenomenal. We met many of our customers who already are loyal to our products – looking to try out our new products. We enjoyed expressions of interest from wholesale operators, buyers and beauticians interested in trying out a new range. The fact that Anneco Beauty is Irish was a huge selling point. The goodwill that is there among Irish businesses to support other Irish businesses is phenomenal!”

Dealing fact-to-face with customers also proved illuminating in terms of product reviews and feedback, according to Ronan.

“Our on-line shop is our main distribution outlet so we don't always have face-to-face customer opportunity. But in the RDS we had customers coming up telling us about what they liked and didn't like and whether there were issues with products or postal deliveries. The main news we took away was the fact that everyone seems to love our cleansing oil. We were told it is so refreshing, with a lovely scent and it works. That of course is key to everything – having products you can stand behind and be proud of.

“So overall I would highly recommend to any business or start-up to get involved in promoting their products and services at trade fairs relevant to their brand. We learned so much and got such wonderful feedback around how excellent our product is, so it was a very positive investment for Anneco Beauty and we are looking forward to extending our reach in 2018 when we will also be travelling to a number of trade fairs in the UK!”
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