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Published: Jan 10 Posted Under: Motivation, Inspiration, New Year, Beauty, January, Dr Bob Rotella, Richard Branson, Padraic Harrington, entrepreneur, Pendulum Summit, good causes, negative thinking, positive thinking, dreams, climate change, Virgin Media, pure, honest, natural, chemical free, Organic, clean energy, Cool Planet Experience, Wicklow

Motivational speakers talk the talk for best business practise and positive living

Every new year as we make promises to ourselves that we intend to keep, it is no surprise to discover that as January moves on, motivation levels regarding all those good causes and intentions we promised to keep, around our health and self-care and doing good in the world, tend to flag. Thankfully, this is also the best time of the year for motivational speakers to make their mark, and this week Anneco Beauty took inspiration from some of the world's best such speakers who came to Ireland sharing their advice on how to live not just a good, but a great life.
Good is the enemy of great
Sports psychologist Dr Bob Rotella at the January Pendulum Summit in Dublin's National Convention Centre was first up with tips on the importance of moving from negative to positive thinking while promoting the idea of having belief in your own dream and talents in order to guarantee success.Delivering a speech entitled 'Good is the enemy of great', the world-renowned doctor whose clients include top Irish golfer Padraig Harrington, advised that those who decide being good is good enough, have given up the chance of ever being great at what they do.
“You are what you think about yourself and you'll often end up becoming what you think about yourself, so you've really got to pay a lot of attention to how you think about yourself. The point is, this is your life and what are you going to do with it?

“If you want to be exceptional, you have to be constantly looking at how you can separate yourself from everybody else in the world who does what you do. You basically have to spend your life looking at possibilities instead of probabilities.” Finally he asked: “Are you really going to spend your life going for your dreams or are you going to give up on your dreams? Or are you going to get up every day and give it all you got?
“You have to feel like you are deserving of doing some really cool stuff in life. You have to feel like you take advantage of opportunities when they are around you or fall in your lap.” Staying with the theme of doing some really cool stuff in life, entrepreneur extraordinaire Richard Branson also spoke this week on the importance of clean energy as part of the campaign to prevent climate change.
The words of the Virgin Media mogul chimed particularly well with all of us here at Anneco Beauty, as our ethos is to produce pure, honest, natural products, that are chemical free, Vegan, organic and therefore kind to the world.
On the theme of moving to renewable energies for power supply, Richard Branson stated:
“All a government has to do to tip the balance towards clean energy, it's extremely easy, is no taxes on clean energy, but taxes on dirty energy.
“Dirty fuel prices have gone up in the last four months. If we had more clean energy than demand for dirty energy, the prices wouldn't have gone up.”
The entrepreneur was speaking in Wicklow at the official launch of the €1.5m Cool Planet Experience, a new visitor centre dedicated to climate change.

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