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Published: Nov 26 Posted Under: Organic, natural, organic beauty salons

Organic benefits for Client & Salon

How Does Organic Benefit The Client and Salon? By Marie-Louise Coster
Organic skincare really is going to be a pivotal turn within the beauty industry over the coming years. It has been making waves for some time but is now really gaining momentum. There is more awareness and people are keen to research and learn more about alternatives to the norm. There is a real hunger and a desire to find out more from consumers and with the internet and magazine articles focussing on such things it is becoming easier and easier for them to research.
I have worked for many prestigious skincare companies during my career and have a very good understanding of ingredients, preservatives, chemicals and so on that are used within daily skincare products. When I started my business 3 years ago I made a conscious decision that I was only going to offer face and body treatments using purely organic ranges. I made this decision for several reasons:
• Going Organic gave me a USP that other salons and business within my area didn’t have and allowed me to stand out from the crowd. It allowed clients to differentiate between myself and my competitors and it opened me up to a whole new audience of people who were specifically looking for natural/organic products. I also believe that when the others ‘catch up’ (so to speak) I will still be the fore runner and more established in people’s minds.
• Organic products give a better result as you are using natural ingredients that the body recognises and these ingredients aren’t masked with the chemicals that the skin often has to fight against to get to the active ingredient.
• Although there is no harden evidence the links between varying forms of Cancer, Hormonal Disturbances, Skin Conditions and other health problems were enough for me to want to only offer skincare and body care products that didn’t contain any ingredients that could potential cause any harm to my clients health and well-being.
• Organic products are affordable and have as good a shelf life as its chemical laden counterparts meaning that you can retail just as easily and you don’t have the fear that the products will go off.
• The added health benefits to the client are immense and I believe go hand in hand with what we do as beauty therapists.
It is all about re-education and understanding. I find that clients seek me out specifically because I am an Organic salon, and clients who come to me ordinarily are keen to learn more about the benefits of going Organic.
I believe that all clients should be encouraged to use Organic products for the results they will achieve and the health benefits that come with it, not in a scaremongering way but in an informative and educated way. My clients love the results achieved with the skincare I use, so much so the products sell themselves really.


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