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Galway Now - February Edition

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Ann Shields

Published: Nov 26 Posted Under: Organic, natural, organic beauty salons

Organic benefits for Client & Salon

How Does Organic Benefit The Client and Salon? By Marie-Louise Coster
Organic skincare really is going to be a pivotal turn within the beauty industry over the coming years. It has been making waves for some time but is now really gaining momentum. There is more awareness and people are keen to research and learn more about alternatives to the norm. There is a real hunger and a desire to find out more from consumers and with the internet and magazine articles focussing on such things it is becoming easier and easier for them to research.

Published: Nov 12 Posted Under: Clients, festive spirit, pamper

Festive Spirit

Marie-Louise Coster MGBT MGNT MGHT
How To Get Into The Festive Spirit by Marie-Louise Coster
I love this time of year - the build up to Christmas and the buzz of the busyness of the salon. However, it is hard work and long hours meaning it is sometimes difficult to maintain the festive cheer!

Published: Oct 31 Posted Under: Vegan, makeup, Brushes, Makeup Brushes

Vegan Makeup Brushes

Vegan Makeup Brushes

Top 8 Reasons for choosing Vegan Makeup Brushes
1. They aren’t made out of animal hair (eg. squirrel, mink, sable, goat, etc.)
2. High quality synthetic brushes like Anneco are ridiculously soft.
3. They don’t harbour bacteria (like animal brushes do)
4. These particular ones have rich brown stylish wooden handles.
5. They are made with 100% renewable resources.
6. Whether you need a foundation or a blush brush they are in the collection.
7. They’ll help you achieve a flawless, perfectly blended application every time.

Published: Oct 09 Posted Under: Organic, makeup, ingredients, talc, mineral oil, preservatives

Organic Makeup

Organic Makeup
Some ingredients to consider:

Talc: ( Talcum Powder) Also known as hydrous magnesium silicate, talc is used as a filler to absorb moisture.
Why is it bad?
Although it no longer contains asbestos it still contains minute fibres that can take years to dissolve. Studies have linked it with ovarian cancer. However, although the talc was has been known to be absorbed through the skin into the ovaries there is no evidence that it in fact caused cancer.


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